Saturday, July 16, 2016

Final Post

Hello, fellow hat lovers!  Just a quick update to say that this will be my last post on this blog.  It was a fun experiment, but one that has ultimately served its purpose.  The blog was a stepping stone to a larger, more organized website, and that organization is why I have decided to abandon this blog and concentrate my efforts over there.  I have transitioned all of the information from this blog to my website,, and that is where I will post updates from now on.  This website will live on only for archival purposes, but will no longer be updated.

Great things are in store for the website.  I am completing a massive overhaul and redesign to make it responsive, i.e., make it so it will look good, be readable, and operate well on desktops, notebooks, tablets, phablets, and  even smartphones.  The new site should go live later this weekend.  I'm using Adobe Muse for the design, which makes the site much more easily updated and appended.  I will be posting new information as quickly as I can get it written and uploaded, so there should be much progress made the rest of this year.

Thanks for reading my blog these past six years.

Please join me at The Hatted Professor!

~The Hatted Professor

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